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For the Love of Bioshock


Ahh, BIOSHOCK 2 multiplayer…a FPS I actually enjoy. Why do I like this game so much? I generally despise FPS in general, but this just seems “different”. The combat in this game is basically more “rock, paper, scissors” than highly refined combat. It must be the plasmids. Yes, plasmids; “magic” to put it more simply. Each player has the option to choose two plasmids of his or her choosing, and they vary from being able to stun your opponent, to setting them ablaze, to agilely running away! It gets repetitive playing, of course (we’re talking on the hundreds of hours scale), but it’s always fresh enough fighting new people that it becomes very addicting. I guess that’s nothing new for online games, but…it is for me. The most recent FPS I put a lot of time in before this game was Perfect Dark. I was an N64 kid. I despise PC games, so it was natural.

I’ve somehow made this game a priority in my life unintentionally. When I come home, a lot of the time all I want to do is play online multiplayer. At this moment, I’m ranked #7 in the world on PS3; I’ve been as high as #3. Do I think I’m good at this game? Yes. Do I think I’m the best? No. There are so many different strategies people use (well, to be honest, it’s really maybe three), that it’s hard to compare players because of the general “rock, paper, scissors” dynamic. Although you’ll know when you encounter a skilled player. What I’m really proud of is my efficiency. I can get more points than anyone in the top tier…oh, I mean ADAM. ADAM is basically a way to tell the player how “good” they did in a game. I’m the best in the top ten; by far. Here I’ll share a little of my tactics, and how I play.

Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Tips

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Dec 29, 2010

My First LOL Cat!

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Gahahaha!!!  You Dumbass!

Yes, this is my cat! The chances of capturing this picture were so rare, I just had to caption this. Freakin’ awesome. It really looks like she’s laughing and pointing at you (she is most definitely not yawning!).

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Dec 29, 2010

Reviews of games you’ve never played: Part I

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Why not start off with some nostalgia…for me anyway. That’s because you probably don’t play videogames, and if you do, you probably haven’t played this one. Here’s my review of a forgotten classic on Nintendo Gamecube.

Baiten Kaitos Review.

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Dec 28, 2010

Ndolger takes a chance.

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Well, well, well…what do we have here? What in the heck is Ndolger trying to prove by making his own website? I don’t know.

Am I bored? No. Do I really have any time to dedicate to this…at all? No. Am I just an idiot? Hmm…wait no… Well why then? Hmm…I guess I just like being able to talk  (read: write) and share things that are important to me with others, and I feel like Twitter is too restrictive to do that and Facebook is…well, uh…I don’t really like Facebook.

I’ve led a pretty boring life. Nothing spectacular. Nothing extraordinary. But, I do have lots of passionate interests and beliefs. Interests that some may find niche, but this is to me what defines life. Things that you can believe in and fill the time with. In the coming days / weeks / months I hope to share what these are in some form and hopefully…you’ll learn something. Or at least be entertained to some degree. I’ll try my best.

Oh well that’s all well and good…learning about what some random faceless guy on the internet likes to do. Whoopee. However, I don’t intend for this website to be solely dedicated to my “feelings”. Ideally, I would like to you to “learn” things. If there’s one thing that I’m pretty passionate about is knowledge transfer. Whatever that may be: learning how to do something efficiently, learning how to do something that seems impossible otherwise, figuring out how to save money, etc.

Ahh, who knows. Maybe I’ll get bored and this will be the only post I make. I am on vacation at the moment, and who knows if I’ll have the time to resume when real life kicks in again.. .. .. OK, well the kitty on my lap is telling me to get off. See you soon.

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Dec 28, 2010

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