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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer

To be honest, I have no idea what this game is about. I have literally no idea. After watching this trailer, I still have no clue (I guess if I could read Japanese it might help). It has the name FF … Continue reading

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Piano Spotlight: Final Fantasy Dissidia

Final Fantasy Dissidia. The Final Fantasy fan’s dream game. It’s still kind of hard to imagine that this game exists, but…it’s Square, they do like money. I can’t blame them. So much fan service and cool little extras in this … Continue reading

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Music From Games No-one’s Played

Ahh, the SaGa series. Oh, how I wanted to love you! I’m a stat whore. I love managing stats and raising levels, but this game was crazy. Absolutely nuts. This is easily one of the most complex RPG series’ ever made. I literally … Continue reading

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Why AT&T Is the Worst Company on the Planet

Welcome to hell. My own personal form of hell. It’s called AT&T.  In the coming paragraphs, I’m going to be talking about my experience with AT&T’s customer service, engineering, technical support, billing, and retention departments. This isn’t a happy tale. I will … Continue reading

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Adventures in Trading

For some time now, I’ve been fascinated by money. It opens up doors, it enriches your life, hell…it just makes you happy. Who can argue with that? Now I have no desire to be super rich (not in the slightest), but I think we … Continue reading

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Why isn’t this game here yet Nintendo?

Today’s music comes from the, yet to be released in America, Wii game, Xenoblade. Why on Earth this game does not have a U.S. release date is beyond me. From everything I’ve seen of the game, it is  absolutely stunning. Hurry … Continue reading

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Website Spotlight –

Every now and then I’d like to spend some time spreading the word and talking about some cool useful websites. Some may be very well-known and you just may not know a lot of tricks or cool things about them.  Others … Continue reading

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