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2015 Game Completion Breakdown


Here is a list of games I completed in 2015 (in descending order). Yes, I catalog this. Mock me if you’d like.

Entries will only appear here if I have “beaten” the game. Many, many of these games are spread out over the course of several years (the record being TC:NB; took me EIGHT years to beat!!). I went on kind of a, “Dammit, I’m tired of having all these unfinished games in my backlog” rage in the middle of the year (sad thing is that it barely dents the dozens and dozens of unopened games I still have…).

Anyway, let’s get to it.

12/29/15: YOSHI’S WOOLY WORLD (Wii U). Completion time: 25:25.

  • Loved this game. Highly recommended; especially for co-op. Great game to play with your spouse or best friend.
  • Super huge nostalgia; brought significant gameplay elements and characters from original YOSHI’S ISLAND, but while being something completely fresh. That is damn hard to do.
  • Significant replay value. Every level has tons to find. Every world has a bonus stage (like the first game) which opens when you’ve found all the Flowers from the stages in that world. And, yes, if you find all the Flowers in the bonus stages, you get one final level. These stages are pretty challenging (like the first game). Good mix of difficulty depending on how far you want to go.
  • You can’t find a much better platforming experience.

10/29/15: NEW SUPER MARIO BROS 2 (3DS). Completion time: 6:29.

  • Fun game. It’s a 2D Mario platformer.
  • I don’t know though…something about this game just feels “weird”. The level design is very chaotic and…strange.
  • Not to mention the game is very short! Definitely the fastest I’ve ever beaten a Mario platformer. Not a lot of replay value.

9/19/15: XENOBLADE CHRONCILES (Wii). Completion time: 80:20.

  • This is game that took several years to complete (it came out in 2012 in US).
  • This game is breathtaking. Such scale, such detail. Does about as much as the Wii is capable of (it originally came out in 2010!!).
  • Fun battle system, fun English (UK) dub, “It’s a Krabble!”. Just a fun game. It’s one of those games where you can just wander around and be happy (I liked to do this in the ocean of Zelda: Windwaker, but this game is a whole ‘nother level).
  • I can’t bring myself to rebuy this for 3DS though. Playing Xenoblade X now. Seems nothing like this game, but I’m only very early into it.
  • This is by far the jewel of the Wii. If you like JRPGs this is the best the Wii has to offer.
  • Xenoblade was the reason I wrote this “open letter” to Nintendo in 2011. I’m glad it was finally released. It was worth the wait (and the 3 years it took me to beat).

8/21/15: TRIPLE TRIAD (Android). Completion time: Unknown.

  • I umm, I uhh…was kind of obsessed with this game. See my review here.
  • I have no idea how many hours I spent on this, but it had to be close to 100. I would wake up in the middle of the night to play it. It was the first thing I played when I got home. You could only play it 15-20 minutes at a time, but that normally happened, at least, 3-4 times a day.
  • Square then made “crystal regeneration” double speed, and…I sort of lost interest. Before that online became crippled with no variation in strategy and everyone left. It’s a shame, this game could have had legs, but once I found most of the cards, I was done. Coupled with inability to find games…well…what’s the point?
  • I think Square is still making updates to it, and adding new content, but, ehh…I haven’t bothered to try and transfer this over to my new phone. It’s probably for the best, this was like crack for awhile, I’m glad to be over it.

8/5/15: TRAUMA TEAM (Wii). Completion time: 14:59.

  • This was a straight-up speed run. I beat this as fast as I could.
  • Very, very different than the 3…4 (?) other games in this series, which I have all beaten. Reminds me of what “Sonic Adventure” did to the Sonic games. 5-6 different characters with different abilities / scenarios…not all of them very fun.
  • I enjoyed it, but much preferred the predecessors. The sad thing is…this series is in a coma.  I was really hoping a Wii U version would be made for this, as it would make GREAT use of the game pad.
  • I still listen to this song, over and over and over and over…

8/1/15: KIRBY: RAINBOW CURSE (Wii U). Completion time: 9:44.

  • Pretty much a straight rip of Canvas Curse (which was an excellent DS game).
  • Liked the game, just felt like it was a shell of what it could be. No real bonus modes. Not much replay value…stopped at 94% complete (some of the “bonus” modes are ridiculously hard…I gave up).
  • Good, solid platformer though. It’s definitely unique, and is one of the best games to use the Wii U Gamepad.

7/27/15: TRAUMA CENTER: NEW BLOOD (Wii). Completion time: 73:53:51.

  • Oh man…what a game! First and only game in the series that had online leaderboards…you do NOT want to do that to me Atlus! I would spend hours and hours and hours on one level getting into the top 10! This was a worldwide top 10 too! Before the servers went down I still owned several #1 world records and a lot of top 10s on several levels. It’s on my TODO list to post these pictures / videos somewhere…
  • Such a crazy amount of content and clearing to do in this game… Two characters, three difficulties, co-op mode, four possible ranks. That means you need to beat every stage 12 times and get the best rank. My OCD attempted this (I had XS’d every stage in the series up to this point afterall…). I spent time over eight years trying…I just couldn’t do it. I finally just decided to “beat it”.
  • Good memories of this one. Was probably the last game where I actually played local co-op with a friend. End of an era…

7/21/15ZELDA: SPIRIT TRACKS. Completion time: ~20-30 hours.

  • I played this game on two different consoles, so I don’t have a definitive time (read: too lazy to go and figure it out).
  • I hate this game. I HATE THIS GAME. It was beyond frustrating. I tabled the final “dungeon” for years because it pissed me off. I hate the controls. The game would be fine if it let me use buttons. No. You have the stylus…that’s it. So much anger. I just wanted to beat this and never think about it again…

7/5/15MAJORA’S MASK (3DS). Completion time: 37:52.

  • Man, oh man do I love this game. It’s my favorite Zelda. Fifteen years later, it’s still my favorite Zelda. It takes everything that made OoT amazing, and enhanced it, except the story (which is not a big deal to me).
  • This game is challenging. This game is beautiful. This game is just a lot of damn run. Rolling around as a Goron with great speed is up there as one of my favorite videogame memories.
  • The 3DS version doesn’t really add much, but that’s OK. This game is near perfect.
  • This run was a complete run with Fierce Deity link mask obtained.

6/28/15THE LAST OF US (PS3). Completion time: 17:40.

  • I’m not a big fan of western based game companies. Is it because of the emphasis on graphics, story, voice acting? I don’t know. But I normally find some critical flaw with them where I just can’t play it. However, ever since the E3 demo of this game, I knew it was something I would pick up. Naughty Dog has a good track record, I like their stuff.
  • This game is amazing and disappointing at the same time. It’s just…missing something. I can’t pin it down. It has amazing graphics, amazing voice acting. I don’t know…it just wasn’t really…that…fun? Does that make sense? I guess it’s just way too linear for my tastes. You get the illusion of choice, but it’s on rails. I just don’t find these types of games to be fulfilling.
  • I urge everyone to play this game because it defines the PS3 though. There are a lot of interesting combat and puzzle ideas in here. Fighting “bad guys” by sneaking around and throwing bricks and bottles for the 100th time just gets old after awhile… I had zero desire to play the multiplayer for this, I just didn’t like the combat.

6/6/15RADIANT HISTORIA (DS). Completion time: 39:21.

  • As part of my review comments elsewhere, I called this, “the best turn-based RPG I’ve played in 15 years”. Is that because since the new century we haven’t had a lot of entries in this genre or is this just a really good game? Both.
  • It’s hard to describe this game. It’s a JRPG that follows two timelines (and offshoots)…simultaneously. Very well executed too. You can “jump” to the other scenarios at certain junctures and doing things in one timeline will affect the others and open new paths. Like if you learn a new skill or find an item in one, you can advance in another.
  • I liked the story, I liked the music, the graphics, the combat (which involves a 3×3 grid where you can use your skills to take advantage of enemy placement), and just the overall the uniqueness of this game. It feels kind of “rough” in some ways, but it gives it some charm.
  • It has a lot of things to do post completion if you so desire and the difficulty can get challenging. The game length is just right. Highly recommended.

5/24/15SUPER MARIO LAND 2: SIX GOLDEN COINS (3DS -> Gameboy). Completion time: 1:39.

  • This was a pure speed run. I don’t normally do this, but this game sort of called for it.
  • I have heard many, many things about the “Land” series, and I was impressed after finally getting to play this as a digital download on 3DS. You have to note that this is for the freakin’ Game Boy, so some things aren’t as “top-notch” as you would normally expect from a Mario platformer.
  • That said, some of the level design is “weird”. I mean, really…weird.
  • Bunny Mario is the freakin’ shit.

5/24/15ULTIMATE NES REMIX (3DS). Completion time: 13:15.

  • I don’t even remember where I got this. I think it was the final Club Nintendo digital download, perhaps?
  • In any event, this is a fun little game. I think it leaves some things on the table, but maybe the point is to introduce these in future games, maybe? I can’t find much in terms of sales data though, so…I don’t know if this did so well…
  • Basically, the game gives you a “series” to play and the levels are either snippets of famous parts from the game, or “remixes” mashed up with other games (like a Link sprite is in a Mario game).
  • Like I said, there are tons of things to work with that can be expounded upon, that I hope to see!
  • Their online ranking system is pretty shady though…I’m not sure I trust the leaderboards. Here’s a video of me playing the final battle in Metroid. It says I’m top 3. But, I think these “change” over time. Eww. What the hell Nintendo?

5/15/15: BLOODBORNE (PS4). Completion time: 65:57:25.

  • This is my Game of the Year for 2015. This is the best exclusive game that PS4 has. Unquestionably. This is DARK SOULS + Guns. And werewolves. And a heavy emphasis on blood. Don’t ask me what the stories about, I have no idea. All I know is that…damn this game is fun. And damn can this game be hard!
  • What’s new versus just the normal SOULS series? They added randomly generated dungeons that can be created via loot that is found through normal gameplay.
  • Lots of updates from FROM SOFTWARE slightly tweaking mechanics. I stopped playing when I hear they finally allowed CHUNKS to be bought from shops! *grumble grumble*.
  • I think this has DLC, but I’m not a DLC guy. I just don’t DLC unless I can get it free somehow, or buy a version with all DLC already on it. I have principles.
  • If you liked the SOULS series and have a PS4, dear God buy this game. It’s beautiful. It’s creepy. It’s hard as hell. However, I did platinum it…along with the other 3 games in the series!

The first four months of the year, I apparently did nothing.

Game of the year:

  • Bloodborne (PS4)

Games that didn’t quite make the cut / in progress:

  • Super Smash Bros Wii U – I don’t know how to classify this. I’ve beaten the 3DS version, but not exactly “beat” this one? What constitutes “beating” a fighting game anyway? I don’t know. But since my buddies who normally play this with me don’t appear to have any desire to play this…I guess this will sit in limbo. And I’ll instead go waste my money on amiibos.
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – Oh man, so close to being done with this. My wife actually “stole” this from me…and…gasp…she beat it before I did! I was shocked. I was really hoping to beat this by the end of the year, I’m only a few hours away, but since there’s only a few hours remaining in this year, well…hopefully I can cross this one of soon.
  • Zelda: Skyward Sword – Guys, I really want to like this game. I just…really don’t like this game. It’s ugly. And I hate the waggle combat. I just don’t know if I can push through…I’m only one dungeon down, but I’m very bored. And my hand hurts just thinking about holding that stupid controller for hours.
  • Witcher 3 – Just started. It’s unclear how far I’ll even get in this game. I like the open-world, I just don’t dig the small text. I don’t do small text games. I have a history of starting a game after an hour and never playing it again…I fear this is one of those games.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X – Another small text game. But at least I can play it on the gamepad! Just started. This could take years, as did Xenoblade Chronicles.

Games on my backlog I’d really like to play in 2016:

  • Final Fantasy X/X-2, Silent Hill 3. If I don’t play anything else next year, I want it to be these games (well, maybe I’ll avoid X-2).

Until next time! Happy New Year and happy gaming!

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Dec 31, 2015

Black Friday Recap 2015



2015 “Black Friday” was not as fun or ambitious for me as say, 2012 and 2013 (I guess I didn’t make a post for 2014…step it up man!), but there are still some pretty interesting grabs here. Picked up some very high-end items that I have been looking for deals on… for years.

What changes were seen from previous years?

The “event” is continuing to get watered down and mainstreamized. More stores opened up on Thanksgiving proper. But there were less and less true deals to be had. Much like 2014, the best deals were found during the days before and after “Black Friday”.

Online ordering is starting to overtake B&M as a preferred method of choice for the casual buyer. Target, Walmart, BestBuy really stepped up their online games, and many offered free shipping with no minimum purchase.

Other notes

I’m exhausting things that I “need”, so the event has become less fun. TVs continue to be one of the cheapest things you can buy. If you want a sub 40″ TV, wow…they can be had cheap. But I don’t need those.

The one thing I really wanted was a sub $1k 4K 60-65″ TV with good quality. Couldn’t find it this year. Oh well. Still on the lookout for a good desktop / laptop replacement as I’ve had my current laptop for a good while now (I’ll be damned if I’ll use an inefficient tablet or phone to actually do work on….).

Next is the merchant review.


  • Rank: 4/5
  • Pretty decent haul from Amazon…although, nothing really “wow” about them this year.
  • They had another 30% off code for all books (which I didn’t use); which was nice.
  • Amazon is still the leader when you *need* to get someone to something fast. Bought a lot of Christmas gifts from them this year that’s not on this list.
  • 4-5 years ago, Amazon straight murdered other retailers in terms of legitimate deals. Now? Eh? Not so much.
  • One important note: both Chase and Discover offered 10% cash back promos for all purchases on Amazon this year. That is a major point of emphasis that gave Amazon top marks this year for me, in my mind.

What did I grab?

  • Dyson Ball Alergy Upright Vacuum: $246.75
    • Been looking for a good price on this for almost a decade. This is the best price I have ever seen for a non-refurbished unit. It’s price as of this writing is $399.99. MSRP is supposedly $499.99. This is the jewel of the year for me.
  • TP-Link Archer C9 Router + TP-Link N300 Cloud Camera: $129.99
    • Bundle was same price as standalone router. So I got a cloud camera for free!
    • This does not include a $30 mail-in rebate, so this was effectively $100 for a top rated router
  • TP-Link Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem: $49.69
    • Note: The router/modem combo was used for me to finally purge myself of AT&T. Because of things like this. Now, I’m a TWC customer. And God help me…my service has already been out 3 times in a month. Sigh…the grass is burnt and charred on this side too.


  • Rank: 0/5
  • Newegg continues to disappoint. I’m not the only one…everyone hates newegg on Slickdeals. Terrible customer service, terrible website, terrible deals.

What did I grab?

  • Nothing.


  • Rank: 3/5
  • Not a lot to work with from my side, but what I did get, I’m happy with. The VG phone alone is worth 3 stars here.

What did I grab?

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4): $19.99
    • Love Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlocked service. I’m upped until 2020 and save 20% on all video games and accessories (read: amiibo). No other retailer can touch Best Buy for video games. It’s not even close.
  • Virgin Mobile LG Tribute 2: $19.99 x 2
    • The absolute “best deals” that I continually see every year have to do with prepaid phones. No one ever talks about them, but this is crazy awesome! This is a $100 phone for $20 (I mean it comes with a charger and 8GB memory card…that alone is worth $20).
    • This is the phone I used to signup for two free (yes, FREE) monthly phone plans on RingPlus (which I talk about at length here).
    • After using the phone for a little over a month, I’m very happy with it. I have free cell service and it cost me $20. Yay! I finally have a 4G phone (and a backup one).


  • Rank: 4/5
  • I didn’t get a lot, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a pretty solid showing.
  • They had different kinds of sales and promotions all through Thanksgiving week. They had $50 off $100 decoration / lights. They had 15% and 20% off whole order codes (which were abused to all hell…) around Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.
  • If you really wanted to game the system, which many did on Slickdeals, they also had baby and wedding registry 15% coupons (open up a registry in your name; actual baby or marriage be damned) which ALSO stacked. As far as I understand it worked on pretty high-end things like TVs. This was a little too sketch, even for me.
  • One thing I did grab was a 20% off your order in December with purchase of $75+; which is really nice. Wife is all about Target Redperks and Cartwheel, so she had some additional coupons and a “5% off day” which stacked with this 20% off coupon. Plus we have a RedCard which saves another 5%. Hell of a deal.
  • What didn’t go so well? Their website. It was absolutely trashed all day, every day. I wanted to try to get a few things, but I gave up. Hopefully they can fix this next year…

What did I grab?

  • It’s a secret! Most of the items were gifts.


  • Rank: 1/5
  • Notes: Walmart continues to disappoint. I just don’t like their website. It’s confusing to find stuff (Target was far worse, they’ve improved significantly). There just weren’t any “blow your mind” deals here. There hardly ever are.
  • I didn’t buy anything, but they did have “Doorbuster” deals where, I guess, if you got there, you were guaranteed an item. I refuse to ever B&M shop at Walmart. Haven’t done it. Don’t ever intend to. Yay for crappy BF model specific junk anyway. Don’t waste your time with that.
  • I guess they also pricematched…? I don’t know. I don’t do pricematching. I’m not a big fan of Walmart and the Walton empire anyway, so there’s no love lost here. I have never spent much at this store.

What did I grab?

  • Nothing.



  • Rank: 0/5
  • Didn’t hear a peep out of these two. Normally I get *something* from them. In the past, I’ve found some good appliance deals. Eh…guess I didn’t look hard enough.

What did I grab?

  • Nothing.



  • Rank: 1/5
  • I got an “OK” deal when it comes down to it. I was supposed to get the item below for $80, based on a code at checkout called LOCAL20; which takes $20 off. It worked, I checked out. Now I look at my statement. It was $100. Screw you Groupon. I barely use them, and now they’ve pissed me off.
  • What I did was take the $100 giftcard at Newegg, and buy eBay gift cards (because newegg sucks). Now I’m rolling, rolling, rolling (buy eBay giftcards at a discount with eBay giftcards).

What did I grab?

  • $100 giftcard at Newegg + Premier membership for $100.


  • Rank: 3/5
  • I just like Sears. I went into this in great detail. They’re like the underdog of the retail world. They continually give out amazing deals. Free points. Free stuff. All year long.
  • However, their website sucks and is very, very buggy. And their SYWR program is easily the most complicated system in retail history (even worse than KOHLS!). But if you master it, oh boy…you can do a lot of damage.
  • Didn’t get a lot this year, but did knock out some birthday gifts.
  • Sears doesn’t normally have great BF/CM showings, but they continually roll out insane (sometimes free) deals all year long.

What did I grab?

  • It’s a secret!


  • Rank: 3/5
  • Here’s a new one to the list. I’ve never shopped at KOHL’s online (and try to avoid their store; I hate clothes shopping…).
  • KOHL’S uses a gimmicky form of properietary currency known as KOHL’S CASH. They also have another rewards program that accumulates points the more you buy stuff (Yes2You Rewards). This acts as KOHL’S CASH. The thing with this KC is that is expires very quickly.
  • For the holidays they were giving out $15 in KOHL’S CASH for every $50 spend (if I’m not mistaken). So buying high-end things at a discount worked beautifully.

What did I grab?

  • iRobot Roomba 761 Vacuum Cleaning Robot with Replenishment Kit: $340
    • Note: Not only is this a good price for this roomba (MSRP is $700; normally can be had for ~$450), but it came with $105 in KOHL’S CASH; which I used to buy clothes a week later.
    • And by the way, I freaking love this guy! He’s so cool. I always wanted a pet robot to do shit for me. His name is Roomba (I’m not very creative).
    • Final note: First comment on a front-page at Slickdeals! I’m so proud of myself.


Overall: 3/5

It was an “ehhh, OK” year for 2015. I picked up some long sought after items (Dyson), got some neat things (Roomba), and revamped some of my services (RingPlus phones, new router/modem), but outside of some very specific things, there was just a lot of effort needed and some craftiness to find the best deals. I fear this is going to be the norm from here on in (unless we go into another recession; which looks possible…). That said, I picked up some solid entries and filled some niches that I have been looking at for a long, long time.

Who won?

That’s tough to say. It depends on what you needed. Target had a solid showing with some great promotions. It was generally fun and interesting looking for deals at Target. Best Buy had some good sales on high-end TVs, but I couldn’t pull the trigger. Amazon did OK, as always. Walmart, newegg sucked. Kohl’s had some diamonds with KOHL’S CASH stacking.

For the slickdeal professional though, Target was probably the winner based on all the crafty coupon stacking you could do. So let’s go with that. Congratulations Target! You won Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

Here’s hoping for a fantastic BF for 2016! Happy New Year!


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Dec 31, 2015

Bioshock 2 Online Multiplayer Leaderboard Rankings – Top 100 All Categories – PS3 – 12/31/2015


Not much to say for this update. This is a continuing series in the only video game I play religiously: Bioshock 2 for PS3. I still, and will continue to, own several records. The game is dying, but it’s been whittled down to the hardcore base. Which is…good and bad. It’s nice playing against good competition, but…most of the time that competition are douchebags…

Anyway, here is the state of the Bioshock 2 (PS3) leaderboards at the end of 2015:

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Dec 31, 2015

Being Thankful – Playing the game of life


It is always important to appreciate what you have…because it, whatever it is, always ends up changing or becomes unrecoverable given enough time. Nothing lasts forever. Everything degrades.

Knowing this fact, I very routinely ruminate on these things and try to be thankful for what I have. Over Thanksgiving dinner, one of my family members asked others what they were thankful for. There were the usual answers, but I had a much deeper response to this question. However, being the extreme introvert that I am…I remained silent. However, I’d like to address that here now.

What am I thankful for? Being alive. No, not the corny, cookie-cutter response. I’m talking about the very ridiculous nature of existing in the first place. I don’t think many people really ever go to the level of introspection necessary to truly appreciate this. I have thought about this countless times in my life, and whenever I’ve thought I’ve reached the breaking point during life’s trials, this is what I always come back to: I have won a million lotteries in a row by being given the chance to even play the game of life. Whatever my setbacks are, they’re not that important in the grand scheme of things. I get a chance to play. That means more than anything.

The very first time I had ever encountered any form of media discuss this very topic was the underrated movie The Watchmen (2009). There’s a scene when Dr Manhattan talks about the unfathomable nature of existing:

I was pretty shocked to finally witness someone…anyone mention this! This scene was a big deal when I saw it. Finally, finally someone else gets it!

Digging today, it looks like someone actually put some math to this. Spoiler alert: the chances of you existing are 10^2,6850,00 to 1. Put another way: 0 (there are ~10^80 atoms in the known universe, if that puts it into perspective). There is  an approximately zero percent probability that you should exist. 

And to be honest, I think the odds are worse than that. The article above goes a little bit into unbroken lineage, but consider that: every single event that has occurred for the last billions of years needed to occur in exactly the same order for you to be here. That dinosaur that lived 65 million years ago needed to step on that butterfly. World War II had to happen. Every single person who died in that war needed to do every little thing exactly like they did for you to be here. Your mom and dad needed to do their business on that very specific interval for you to be here. I could go on and on…IT SHOULD BLOW YOUR MIND CONSIDERING THESE VARIABLES!

So again, why am I thankful? I’m thankful because I shouldn’t be here to begin with. Everything else is just gravy.

Of course, it’s not all gravy. There is so much pain. Life is pain. Humans have constructed various artifacts to try to mitigate the pain, but it is unavoidable. Like I said before, everything degrades. Everything ends. Here’s an example:

This series of events occurred in the last 24 hours:

  • Wife and I purchased a Christmas tree; bundled it up, brought it home
  • When we got home, I saw that we had some scrap wood in the corner, “Hey, we should cut up this piece of particle board so we can put the tree stand on it and not mess up the floors in the house”.
  • We did that, and as I was bringing the stand inside, I thought, “Wow, this is really dirty, let me blow off some of these cobwebs”.
  • I did not consider the fact that there might have been sawdust in the stand.
  • There was sawdust in the stand. I was not wearing eye protection.
  • Eye wash ensued. Did not help. I tried for an hour or so off and on.
  • I eventually went to bed hoping it would clear in the morning. It did not…I immediately scheduled an appointment (and found out later I got lucky in that a person cancelled so I could be squeezed in).
  • It was not that painful, it is just one of the most uncomfortable feelings I think you can have. Blinking hurts. Blinking. Try to not blink. Try to not move your eyeball. Excruciatingly cruel… I have a new respect for being able to blink today.
  • Doctor found a “white gob” of stuff stuck on my upper eyelid and removed it; said I had superficial eye damage that would heal within 24 hours
    • Was actually the best case scenario, I was for sure I self-diagnosed a scratched cornea…
  • It felt immediately better, and is a little dry now, but I have no major discomfort any longer. I’m back to normal. And once again I can appreciate my eyesight (as bad as it is). I can blink.

It’s sad that we can only appreciate the most mundane things until it’s been taken away. I wish this were not the case, but that’s just the way things are. It will never change.

I don’t know if I’m building towards a moral or a point here, but let me follow-up with what happened next. I went to the store to pick up a prescription for eye drops to help prevent infection. I was told it would be 20 minutes, it turned into 45. Great. On my way out of the store and back to my car, I found a wallet. Literally right next to my car door.

I’m not one who believes in karma or fate, but I do appreciate when events like this happen probability-wise. I have never found a wallet before, so all of the crap that just happened led to this moment.

No, I’m not talking about keeping the wallet (I returned it)! I’m taking about the prospect of everything that happened in my no-good-very-bad day had to happen in that exact order (or if you want to get technical, everything that’s happened since inception of the universe, but that’s too deep) for me to be in a position to find this wallet and return it to the lady who lost it, most likely saving her hours and hours of grief.

Would some other person have returned the wallet? Possibly. But it was me. I found it. My pain, my circumstance put me in a position to help another person. I had lost a wallet as a child. I loved this particular wallet. I remember I had $40 in it (I think I was saving up for some baseball cards). However, I lost it at the mall; I must have left it at a store. No one ever returned it. $40 was the world to me… I was crushed…(honestly, this is probably one of the seeds that has made me so untrusting, paranoid, and conservative…but I digress…). This $40 would not be replaced, it was gone. I still associate the song, “The Boys of Summer” with this experience (it was the song that played on the radio after I lost my wallet…).

So, it was me who found this wallet. I had gone through this before, and was not going to let this loss ruin someone’s day; make them spend Christmas time cancelling credit cards and dealing with the DMV. I find the probability of all of this happening this way…astounding.

Take away? Appreciate what you have. You shouldn’t exist. 

Another one? What’s the point of being a dick? Do the right thing. You’ve got one chance at life, might as well give it your best shot. 

One more? Don’t blow into Christmas tree stands, there might be sawdust in it.

And now consider that the very fact that you reading this has now altered the course of your history. If you ever have a child from now on, I just changed who was going to be born. Sorry in advance!

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Dec 3, 2015

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