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$50 Discover Referral Offer

Posted by Ndolger on 07/31/2011 at 9:32 PM

OK, I try not to spam…because no one likes spam, but I thought this might be useful for some people. Sign up for a Discover card, make a purchase, get $50. Pretty simple.

$50 Discover Referral Promotion – http://t.co/xDokzuX

Discover has another promotion going on which allows you to transfer balances of other credit cards for 15-months / 0% APR. I was in the middle of helping my girlfriend do this, and as luck would have it, stumbled upon this referral bonus as well. That’s what we call a win-win. And now I’m sharing.

Advice: I wouldn’t advise just signing up for a credit card unless you need one. I no way endorse needlessly opening up lines of credit that people don’t need or want. There was a time in my college days where I was duped into signing up for a credit card for a piece of pizza (not kidding…), so I am hesitant to try to do the same to anyone else.

Disclosure: I have been a Discover card member for almost a decade now. Easily my favorite credit card company. Great website, low rates, g-r-e-a-t cashback program, great savings account and CDs too. Highly, highly recommended. I actually respect the company. Gotta tell you, with me…that’s rare…

Protip: ALWAYS pay off your monthly balance in full. Don’t charge what you don’t have. If you simply charge all of your monthly expenses to a credit card and pay it off at the end of the month, you’ll net cashback bonus, and lose absolutely no money in the process. It’s stupid not to do it…unless you are easily tempted or are financially unable. I have not paid a cent in interest in my entire life, and I have made a *lot* of money through rewards.

There you go…take it or leave it! Only problem is that Discover isn’t accepted in a lot of small businesses (it has the highest merchant rates; its how they pay so much to YOU)…regardless of what Family Guy thinks, it is like being in an exclusive club.

OK, hope that helps. I hope to pick up the pace of blog posts…I’ve been pretty lazy lately.

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