A Whole Crap Ton of Rock Band Sales!


Do you have Rock Band 3? Do you remember all the new freakin’ accessories it came with at launch? Wireless keyboard? MSRP: $80. MIDI Pro Adapater? MSRP: $40. PRO Guitar/Bass? MSRP: $150. Well, it only took a few years, but they’ve finally gotten to be a reasonable price! I’m a big Rock Band fan, so these were pretty hard to pass up (for what I didn’t already own!). Amazon and Newegg have a few good deals worth mentioning, that are still in stock as of this writing:


The PRO Guitar controller is made to mimic a REAL GUITAR! Granted, it’s still not the real thing as it’s just plastic, but it isn’t just 5 buttons, it has 120 different button combinations to mimic playing a true guitar. Been waiting forever for this to drop in price, so I bought it without much deliberation. You can also use it to connect to your computer since it has a MIDI out and make real music with it! Sold!

The wireless keyboard is a miniature keyboard that’s meant to be played from your side (strapped around your neck). It’s a “keytar” as it’s called. It is not a full sized keyboard, but a subset of one. $26 is the cheapest it’s ever been. I already have a full-sized Casio keyboard, so I don’t need it, but it’s still a good deal.

The Band Hero bundle has actually been cheaper, $25 at one point, but for all the stuff that it comes with…$40 is crazy! Keep in  mind, Activision has abandoned the BAND HERO franchise, so they are not updating songs like EA is doing with Rock Band. Still…you can use Band Hero instruments in Rock Band, so that might be worth the purchase if you’re looking to replace or add an instrument…

The MIDI Pro Adapter has been hard to find for a *long time*, but seems to be relatively easy to locate for a few weeks/months now. $16 is a steal considering it used to run for $40! I wrote a guide that explains how you can use the MIDI Pro Adapter with almost *any USB* instrument as well. This means you can use your USB Casio Keyboard (or insert your brand here), and it should work with Rock Band!

Final Word

So if you’ve ever been looking to invest in a bunch of plastic peripherals for Rock Band or Band Hero…holy crap is there a lot to be had right now on the cheap! That $40 deal at Newegg comes with a lot of stuff! It’s also important to note that somehow Activision and EA were nice enough to guarantee that each of their respective accessories work across games (well for the most part). Visit http://www.rockband.com/compatibility, for full compatibility details. All guitars, drums, and microphones should work on both games. Things like the keyboard and pro guitar don’t though…because there’s no such thing in the “Band Hero” franchise; and since Activision murdered it recently, I don’t think it’s ever going to be.

Merry Christmas!

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