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An Open Love / Hate Letter to Nintendo

Posted by Ndolger on 06/28/2011 at 9:32 PM

Nintendo…we need to talk. I love you, but…it’s like we’re drifting apart. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I expect too much. Maybe you just can’t be what you once were and I should lower my expectations. But, you have to at least know how you make me feel. You give me such joy, but you make me feel like garbage, and it’s starting to become more of the latter as the days go by…

You once stood for the “hardcore”, and now you don’t even appear to understand what that means. The hardcore doesn’t want promises of what might come along in Wii 2.0, they want things now. What you’re doing with Xenoblade and The Last Story (sorry, Pandora’s Tower hasn’t been on my radar, so I can’t comment) is unacceptable. These are huuugge AAA games that people have been following for a long time. It would be one thing if you never acknoweldged their existence. It would be one thing if you hadn’t announced them at E3. But you DID. OK, well, I forget if you did that with The Last Story, but COME ON. With the people involved in TLS, it HAS to come here. When Saguchi and Uematsu are involved in a game, it’s IMPLIED it’s going to see release. Sigh…

I watched you release casual junkware. I  kept saying to myself, “oh, it’s OK, it’s temporary, they’ll get it eventually, they’ll wake up…they’ll get back to their roots”.  I watched Miyamoto be involved with Wii Music for crying out loud. That was a huge red flag. When you made Smash Bros 3 a child’s game, I should have paid attention. I should have known right there; we have major problems in our relationship. I bought Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort from you!! Can I have Mother 3 and Elite Beat Agents 2 now?!

What is the problem? Is it Nintendo of Japan vetoing things? I mean I totally get that. I can see it being the case. You’re talking to a guy who supported Sega of America and Phantasy Star Online. Oh, I get it! I get it more than you know…it still doesn’t make it right, but can you at least tell us that much?! If your dad is giving you crap about me, can you at least tell it to my face?

The fact that Nintendo of Europe DOESN’T HAVE THESE PROBLEMS, sort of makes me blame you Nintendo of America! They got Disaster: Day of Crisis. They got Trace Memory R. They’re getting Xenoblade and The Last Story. I can’t take it anymore. You keep giving your love to another, and I get Mario Party 9. Don’t you have fun with me anymore?

So it must be the money. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s always the money. What do you want? What are your true localization costs, really? I mean really! If you’re already translating it for Europe, you’re done! Do you really need marketing? People who want the game already know they want it. People who want the game don’t even really care about voice acting…is this news to you? Because it’s true. Do a poll.

I just don’t get it Nintendo. I can understand niche games like Giftpia and Doshin not coming here. You don’t want to take a risk. Fine. I’ll live. I guess with Disaster: DoC you don’t want to evoke memories of 9/11? I mean that’s the only excuse I can come up with? Maybe you just really hate Monolith Soft and don’t want to see them make money because you clearly don’t think their games can sell in the US. But, you know what’s sad…I love them. Baiten Kaitos I and II were amazing games. Donkey Konga 3? Fine. Gamecube was dying. Still would have really liked to see that one. Elite Beat Agents 2? You’re cheap and don’t want to pay for licensed tracks. I get it. You missed the boat on that one though, sorry to say. It could have been a really huge series. Next time…pay for some actual songs. Mother 3? I hate you.

But Xenoblade and The Last Story are different. These are huge Japanese RPGs on a system that has none.  That have traditionally had none for over ten years across multiple systems. That in the glory days had some of the best. That maybe, just maybe…fans want these so bad, because they want to relive the glory days. Or maybe they just really like the talent associated with these projects. Sakaguchi. Uematsu. Shimomura. Takahashi. Maybe we just really want a good Japanese RPG because there haven’t been that many in the past few years, and to see you waste two potential great ones…is an absolute shame.

I want you to make me feel like a kid again, like only you can. You have the tools and the talent…please stop wasting them. As it stands now, you are the kings of “nectar in a sieve”. Such great sweetness…wasted…

It’s not like Xenoblade could have been released at any point in the last two years. Oh wait. But, hey…I guess it’s OK because your Wii release schedule is so jam-packed with content this year. Oh wait…

You screw up Zelda: Skyward Sword and I’m breaking up with you. And will you please stop abusing Pikmin 3? It doesn’t deserve it.

Maybe I place too much value on this hobby. Maybe it’s my fault. I just thought you cared…maybe I’m just the last of a dying race of people who loves their videogames and hates to see what is happening to this industry.

At least I have Dark Souls. At least Atlus still cares. Oh crap…they’re not publishing that are they? ARGH!!

Edit #1:
A day later, Nintendo decides, after waiting a few days, to Tweet and say, “sorry, but screw you loyal fans, we have  no plans to make you happy…we just wanted to taunt you a little bit”. Hardly surprised, but for some reason I had hoped this wouldn’t be the answer. Or at least, this wouldn’t be the way to do it. Why do you raise hope just to squash it? I’m getting sick of this. I’ve seen enough of this crap this year. I’m a Cleveland fan. I’ve had enough Decisions for one year.

I have literally lost all will to support you Nintendo. Honestly, this is the beginning of the end for you. You’re chasing a market that’s going to destroy you. The casuals will NOT stand by you. They will leave and you will be left with nothing. Mark my words. You are done. And it’s so sad…

Edit #2:
Hitler pretty much sums everything up:

Edit #3:
Thanks for nothing Nintendo. I just imported Xenoblade. Thanks for forcing me to mod my Wii. I can’t believe it had to come to this.

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