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Bioshock Leaderboard Top 100 – All Categories

Posted by Ndolger on 10/26/2014 at 10:56 PM

I imagine I must know what crack addiction feels like, because I’m fairly sure I’m following a pattern of abuse. But, you know, instead of illicit drugs, it just seems to be video games. I cycle through “the” game that defines my gaming for years (sometimes it’s 1 year…sometimes it’s 3, sometimes it’s 10!). This time, it’s been Bioshock 2. Previously, it’s been Chu Chu Rocket, Phantasy Star Online, Resident Evil 5, Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star Online Ep III. Nothing will ever top Super Smash Bros Melee! Who knows what the next one will be? Might be soon enough…could it be the new Smash Bros? Well, we’ll see because Bioshock is dying. And since I feel the imminent death of the game arriving soon (you just can’t find reliable games any more man….), I decided to capture the leaderboard rankings.

Why? Because I don’t want regrets. I’ve had too many games just “die” without warning. I put hundreds and hundreds of hours into this game, this is my legacy. This needs to *mean* something. Was it all for naught? You decide. This is 4.5 years of work. Enjoy.

If it weren’t for a certain “#2” who will not stop playing, I would have quit long, long ago…

Personal summary:

Adam – #1: 12909370
Kills – #4: 278297
Solo Wins – #3: 5501 (impossible for about two years now; no one plays solo…)
Team Wins – #96: 3317
Big Daddy Kills – #1: 544644 (also number one in takedowns: 6031)

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