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How to Become Debt Free – We Just Did!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be in a position where you had no debt? I mean absolutely no long term debt? No student loans. No car payment. No house payment. No credit card bills. Nothing! Surely this must be some fancy dream … Continue reading

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Being Thankful – Playing the game of life

It is always important to appreciate what you have…because it, whatever it is, always ends up changing or becomes unrecoverable given enough time. Nothing lasts forever. Everything degrades. Knowing this fact, I very routinely ruminate on these things and try to … Continue reading

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How to Make Good Financial Decisions

In what seems to be a recurring topic, let’s continue with the series of “How to” articles I’ve published recently. Today’s topic is: finance… … Thrilling, I know…I’m sure you’re really excited. Hold on now…don’t leave just yet! Give me … Continue reading

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