How to be Effective at Bioshock 2 Multiplayer

Not sure why it’s taken me more than a couple years to record, annotate, and upload a video of Bioshock 2 multiplayer (considering I’m #1 on PS3), but whatever the reason, I’ve finally done it.

I make no claim at being the “best” in any aspect of the game, but I have a pretty well-rounded approach. I can be the aggressor, I can play support, I can go for captures (the flag), I can utilize the Big Daddy very well. I rely more on stealth, cunning, and traps than brute force (well Nail Gun is pretty brutal…).

I use grenades. Sorry. They’re far too useful not to.

So without further ado, I’ve put together a video, with annotations, that go over, what I feel, are rules to go by if you intend on playing this game with any success. I imagine most of the tips would work on almost any game.

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