How to Stop Annoying Telemarketers

Today I received a call from a telemarketer on my cell phone. This is the first time it’s ever happened. The fact that it happened at all is upsetting because somehow my number was given out, most likely from an account I signed up for.  The fact that it was a basically a scam call was all the more concerning. Anyway…

I don’t want to deal with in the future, so I put myself on the “Do Not Call” list. How do you do this? It’s actually very easy.

Visit This is the Federal Do Not Call list, if you put a number on this list, you’re telling others “it’s now illegal for you to call me without my consent”. You should already know about this, but if you don’t, I’m here to enlighten you. For a government website this is amazing easily. Enter your phone number, enter your email address, confirm by clicking on a link in your email. You’re done. You should not get any further calls from telemarketers on your cell phone. If you do, “File a Complaint” and report violators…who says the government can’t do anything right?


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