It’s Over Ten Million!!! Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Leaderboards (PS3)

And so it was. The inception: 2/9/2010. The day of glory: 6/16/2013. 6994 wins. 223140 kills. 1222 days and too many thousand of hours later…10 million ADAM!

Here’s a bunch of data that will mean absolutely nothing to someone who has not played this game! To those who have played it…behold! There’s some interesting data here.

Average ADAM a game:

  • Real: 1021 ([Wins + Losses] / TOTAL ADAM)
  • Adjusted: 1050 (as noted on the leaderboard)

That means my ADAM average is 29 points higher than it should be…because of people quitting games. If I’m calculating that right, that means there’s a 2.8% chance of someone ending a game before it’s over. That can’t be right…that seems way too low!

Here’s some fun (or sad…) stats:

Extra actions bucket:

  • 748760 points from hacking (7.5%) (79  avg/game; 8 hacks)
  • 706290 points from research (7.1%) (75 avg/game; 8 research)
  • 743260 points from ADAM vials (7.4%) (78 avg/game; 8 vials)

That’s 2.2 million  (22%) ADAM from things that are optional during game play. That’s a big deal. That’s the reason why I have the top spot! If you adjust this to zero (not really realistic…), that brings my adjusted average ADAM a game down to 819…still almost better than everyone in the top ten!

Kills, captures, takedowns:

  • 251520 points from assists (2.5%) (26 avg/game; 5 assists/game)
  • 195950 points from captures (2.0%) (21 avg/game; not a valid stat since not all games can get captures; that said, avg 1 capture every  5 games)
  • 478800 points from Big Daddy takedowns (4.8%) (1 BD kill every two games)
  • 2402600 points from killstreaks (24%) (252 avg/game; 5 killstreaks [3x kills/game])
  • 2231400 points from kills (22.3%) (234 avg/game; 23 kills/game)

Since my K/D ratio is 2.95, and my killstreak ratio is 2.52…that means, there’s a gap of 0.43 between what my KS *should* be versus what it is. Things like a round ending, getting a BD suit, or getting disconnected can cause this to happen. That’s a lot higher than I’d hoped it was…

Wins and Losses:

  • 1398800 points from wins (14%) (147 avg/game; a win is 200 points)
  • ~840000 points from losses (~8.4%) (90 avg/game; Process of elimination; losses vary in point total)

Not accounted for: ADAM trial data…for the purposes of this exercise, this is negligible. However, it should come from the “loss points” if I were to calculate it.

Here’s a bunch of other pictures to celebrate the occasion. Here’s a snapshot of the leaderboards at 6/15/2013:


So there it is. How much more life does this game have left? ,.. …. … You know what’s even sadder? The game has been out 1222 days. I have 10 million ADAM. That’s an average of 8183 ADAM a day. Considering my average is 1050 a match. That means I play 7.79 matches a day. Each match takes about…7-9 minutes on average? Let’s make it a round number and include all the loading, match making, etc, and call it 10 minutes a game.

That means I’ve played BIOSHOCK 2 multiplayer, on average, 78 minutes a day for the past 3+ years. Insane. That’s what it will take to become a leaderboard champion. Keep that in mind the next time you want to try that in the game of your choice. I wouldn’t recommend it. You become a slave to the game. I…I would just like the game to end now please…do I get a cookie at least? 2K, what do I get? Looking back at the data like this…wow does it seem like a waste of time! Haha…sigh..


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2 Responses to It’s Over Ten Million!!! Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Leaderboards (PS3)

  1. Myteammatessuck says:

    Hey, I have just thought about my time on bioshock 2. I’m wondering if you have any screenshots from online play with the player “Myteammatessuck” in it? I was 7th overall for the lowest I’ve gotten on big daddy kills and 21st overall kills. I’m wondering if you have any screenshots with my name in them that you could share. I don’t expect you to go thru 1000’s of screenshots to look for my name but I thought with the details I gave you it might narrow it down. If you could find something I would really really appreciate it and maybe even give you some money on PayPal or something for the screen shots. Thank you for your time, this game was so fucking fun but I don’t have really anytime to play anymore

    • Ndolger says:

      Doesn’t immediately ring a bell, no. I don’t have any static screenshots, per se, either. You can check out all of my in-game videos on my Youtube page here:

      Maybe you’re captured in one of those? Worth a shot? I have a few “leaderboard” videos, here’s an example: I didn’t immediately see you on the leaderboards though.

      Haha, I will never turn down a donation (see the large Donate! button on the right side)! I’ll try to help you out the best I can though. What, in particular, are you hoping to find? Gameplay pictures? Leaderboard? Let me know.

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