PSN Mail Fun!

Ah, email! A concept that allows everyone to immediately voice whatever it is on their mind instantly. Such a wonderful thing, right? There is no answer to this as it clearly has lead to good things…and bad things in our society. While one can offer up a nice note of appreciation or thanks, another can berate a member of your family for no particular reason (normally one’s mother).

I’ve been playing BIOSHOCK 2 on the Playstation Network for the last couple of years. Here is a sampling of all the mail I have received in that time frame. I have since become the #1 player on the leaderboard. This leads to kudos…and hate from others. Some people hate the way I play, some people love (or at least respect) the way I play.

*Note: I don’t condone the tone or conduct by a lot of these messages; particularly some wording. But, I have not edited out the messages. View discretion is advised.

*Note: Background: I don’t use a MIC during gameplay, I don’t accept people’s game invitations (ever), I don’t quit games, and I don’t send hate mail to people.

Good Games!
5/15/2011 – R3D-RUMonkey
XD gg

5/15/2011 – JudgeofWings
thanks for saving my bacon back there haha> :p

5/18/2001 – bigbrother1334


5/21/2011 – dwgbroplayer

5/25/2011 – v999enom
– wow gg lol

5/31/2011 – mister_VWP
– GG mate long time
– very GG

7/9/2011 – Socalwrencher75
– Good game, it’s nice to play with someone who knows how to play

7/2/2011 – vietbong23
– cool man gg

7/14/2011 – VenomDarkness
– Ahh, GG, mind my douchy friends.
– GG +2

11/19/2011 – WMDs-R-AWESOME
– good game 🙂

12/29/2011 – IIUchihaBlackII
– GG

12/30/2011 – tylerdurdin16
– gg 🙂 u dont make it easy on me
– again gj ur a machin

1/14/2012 – XPhyco-14
– GG

1/21/2012 – K-raw_99

2/26/2012 – Cranberry_lord
– at long last lol ggs

I can’t believe you use “X”
10/1/2011 – v999enom
– Ur nades is annoying esp. with research, but good thing u dont use ng with bees 🙂

6/12/2011 – wrestling4ever21
– youre level 50 and play with nail gun and noobtuber?

11/14/2011 – entelodant
– sadplaypictaker

11/19/2011 – kgarcia82389
– PHOTO nOOb the only way you can kill anyone is with photos

11/19/2011 – zelmonhulk
– yea dats right keep gettin big daddy to win

11/19/2011 – zelmonhulk
– u desperate bitch gl me and u trash
– stop!!! GL everyone u trash ass player
Me: I’m only using GL on you because of your excessive EB. It disrupts your vision and counters your spam.
– wat u stupid its no counter lol its noobish u think u got skills cuz u killed me with gl gtfo u trush u not good

1/22/2012 – skaterdark556
– big dadys bitch

2/10/2012 -isumamimna
– DD:! grenadier DD:

3/17/2012 – BillyParson
– you re a pu ssy. using rockets
– how do you move so fast and bullets dont seem to hurt you?? im 34 trying to get to 40 maybe you can teach me some tricks???
– <This is funny considering who’s alt this is…I won’t reveal it out of privacy. But, this made me laugh.>

5/3/2012 – ???
Get off of everyone’s tits and learn how to play. Jesus Christ all you fucking do is spam grenades because you suck ass.

I can’t spell, but I think “you’re good”
5/28/2011 – BEER_SHARK
ur sick bro

6/2/2011 – weatherd11
your crazy good

12/17/2011 – HJDIV11
– your really good 🙂

2/18/2012 – tylerdurdin16
– your a machine, i tried to stay the hell away from u haha
– your determined 🙂 we should play team

1/15/2012 – deadlyassassin145
– damn your good

1/29/2012 – R2carde
– your pretty good …

2/1/2012 – iRICH102
– your good

2/19/2012 – DrayDub

3/6/2012 – Grand_Kage
– your good
– good game
– great game

5/6/2012 – timhay69
– your good

5/24/2012 – hiyo231
– your epic!
*Note: People, I appreciate the words, but holy hell, learn how to spell. Remember when “their/they’re/there” used to be the #1 misused word? Yeah, it’s not even close nowadays. This frustrates me beyond belief to see the laziness/ignorance here. Every time I see a mail like this, I just cringe…because the mail I’m getting is from someone who can’t take the time to put an extra character in a sentence or you honestly think this is how “you’re” is spelled. Sorry if this sounds elitist, but come on people! This makes you look like a moron!

7/3/2012 – bigtime1007
– hello youre an awesome player please add me
*Note: OMG, it doesn’t have an apostrophe, but I’ll take it! Was this so hard?

9/22/2012 – no_slurpy_4u
– your an animal lol
*Note: Looks like the streak stopped at “1”.

6/1/2011 – ff3X_210_TX
– you have a stupidass name
– wat the fk kkinda name do you got retard
– nice match

9/13/2011 – ???
– muppet

3/3/2012 – TK23KING
– .||.

4/21/2012 – GWSlaw
– Fag

You suck!
6/18/2011 – AJ-Rose03
– U SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!

10/28/2011 – XVERYFRIENDLYx
– ur the spammiest “elite” i’ve ever seen

Yeah…your mom!!!
6/12/2011 – ArasH-R3venG3r
– shot up …..noob.. foolish gamers play bio2 seriusly!!!

I haven’t beat you in the game, but I could beat you 1v1!!
6/19/2011 – trophie-star93
– 1vs1 pus sy?
– hahaha fear ?

2/11/2012 – kingneo28601
– you still cant beat me 1v1 without bd suit cuz im better than you are.

7/23/2011 – MRpookie-
Me: What’s with all the teabagging man? What is your problem?
– ALL u do is ng and gl fag, u wanna 1v1? ill destroy u

11/19/2011 – zelmonhulk
– 1v1 me so i can kill your trash ass like legion rxbandit ccross and the other trash ass players like u
– lol u fucken trash i can kill u all kinds of ways lol u dat garbage everyone knows u trash i hate u players who think your good cuz u killed with gl u a fucken walkin trash can lol 1v1 trash wat u scared

4/22/2012 – gerrard_07
– you vs me you can t win

Website comments
6/29/2011 – omega-257
– wtf is

8/2/2011 – freelead
– ur www. is beast

8/4/2011 – spienta
– went on your website and didn’t get it

6/1/2011 – canojarpiano9
– You can teach me to use the pistol of nails, it is that you are awesome with this weapon

7/2/2011 – dizzydizzy
lol.. everytime…ill be righht there “BOOM” ndolger!!

12/30/2011 – joshpants123
– you always win lo

1/28/2012 – CLERIC-SOUL-
– y r u taking the vials ur already at 50 u dumb selfish son of a bitch

1/29/2012 – NevrSleeps
– i hope u took a break or something from earlier, lol
– <Sounds like a 12-hour+ session>

2/1/2012 – Ruzu-Chan
– :O you scared me

2/9/2012 – anton987654321
– OMG how can u get so much adam with only 900 hours

2/18/2012 – U1_T3
– you are so op
– totally op
– op=overpowered

2/26/2012 – nigelnogg
– that was quick 2 20

3/3/2012 – graju
– how the hell always take the daddy

3/24/2012 – Naotsuki
– NG load’s good? EB beat you no ?
– <Use Aero Dash>
– ok thank you

Ahhh, ahhhhh, AHHHH!
9/15/2012 – minivik04
– go easy on me plzz
– plz go easy on me
– plz go easy on

9/28/2012 – kellykellz01
– don’t kill me
– i do not like u klling me
– don’t kill me ok just don’t

Don’t Feed the Trolls
7/2/2011 – kingneo28601
– how do my nuts taste? you are trash. fact.
– your trash next to me. lmaoaoao. loser
– nuts anyone?
– is it gay if i <3 tbagging u exclusively?
– dont hate cu i got more skills than u and im a better player than you
*Note: Sounds like he’s compensating for something don’t it?

8/14/2011 – DARIOSCIUTO44444
*Note: Let me just preface this by saying the following: DARIO has never, ever…EVER been able to win against me. Not on 1v1, not in a team. He trolls me. All the time. He has left every game I’ve played against him. I eventually just ended up blacklisting him just because he simply won’t shut up. I’ve never seen such a delusional player. I can only hope he’s just a troll because a man who lives life like this…wow, I don’t want to know what his “job” is.
– son of bitch
– son of bitch
– its normal run from me with turbo. in 1 vs 1 lose with me or without run! HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA
*Note: I think he’s finally lost it!
– <Wow man, I don’t even know what to say…I kick your ass every time we meet. And you RUN AWAY every match!>
– i exit when you run in the game coward
– i search you…

11/5/2011 ROMANtIC_StYLE
– i owned yew HAHA 😀
* Note: He didn’t.
– <Ragequits next game.>
– invite me back PUSSY

1/22/2012 – skaterdark556
– haha killed ya
– nmbr 2 dont mean s
– go cry to your momma
– lol jk you are pretty good though lol
Me: gg
– i don’t speak nutbar
– do you speak a da english
Me: gg = good game, guy. I guess no one’s ever said “good game” to you before. And enough with the talking, nobody talks to me as much as you do man, just play the game.
– no your a loner
– people must not talk to you because you think your better than everybody else
– your pretty defensive about also you must have no life because your second on the leaderboard thats your life
– we think what you wanna i know
– douche bag
– your a loser
– i feel sorry for you leaching off the system and your electric company i bet you ask people for money just so you can pay the electric company oh wait you have the system for that because you live on welfare scamming that system how do you sleep at night nowing your the scum of the earth and english this aint a book if it was skip that chapter you piece of shit
Me: Couldn’t be more wrong, but thanks for playing. I probably pay more in taxes than you make in a year. Let me try now! I’m going to guess you live with your parents and are unemployed. You grew up with everyone saying how great you are, and now your ego has inflated beyond belief. You majored in a worthless degree and can’t find a job. You don’t understand why your life sucks so much, so you vent online trying to bring others down to make you feel better about yourself. How did I do? 90%?
Me: That or you’re just an immature child. Not an excuse, but it’d be more forgiving.
– <No response.>

6/23/2012 – STL_Cardinals4
– looks like we got another no life trash nader at the top of the leaderboards
– hey u fuckin lame ass, ur shit u basement dweller, go eat out ur dads ass, maybe blow ur uncle while ur at it god damn dicksuck
– gg bro!
– <Asks for clarification. Are you just a tool when someone is “against you” in a game? Because the last mail I got told me to eat my dad’s ass.>
– ?? must not hve been me i share this account with my buddy so….
– i dont even no wat ur name is i guess he does, and i didn’t ragequit i had 2 go 2 baseballl practice
– <*COUGHWHADDABUNCHOFBULLSHITCOUGH* It’s so mysterious how both of “them” type the same way! Have fun in baseball practice! No way that was a deliberate rage quit while you were losing 4 minutes into the game! No…baseball practice is much more likely!>
– dont worry i changed my password, hes done with bioshock anyways

Contained Frustration
7/9/2011 – idir_94-montana
– fuck you ;(

12/3/2011 – drEwbyFISH_2
– i hate u… lol rofl
– u r a gawd

12/30/2011 – tylerdurdin16
– bastard lol !

3/3/2012 – zarpax09
– truce?
– U.U

I guess that’s a compliment?
8/28/2011 – Another_Player
– indestructable, eh ???

Glad I could clear that up
9/9/2011 – MR-mellow1324
– are you a girl
– Me: No
– ok

7/5/2012 – ZoMBie-BrAinZZZZ
– question. do u use damage with nailgun? also do u get hatemail when use grenade launcher? i always get nasty messages.

Leave Please!
7/9/2011- mrl64
– leave PLZ
– u r frustrating me

1/14/2012 – TheCrabShack
– can you please play a different game mode

3/3/2012- cobradust
– move on yo uare on the leaderboards already
– dont you want to try other games?

4/21/2012 – X_-_DRAMA_-_X
– stop.
– Leave.
– Fuck off.
– Go away.
– Go play another mode.
– LOL.

I appreciate the fact that you didn’t rage quit, even against impossible odds
7/10/2011 – XXShark_BlodXX2
– thanks for tryin

12/9/2011 – Wateraja
– You Rock!! its not u losing i understand how they spam

Kind Words
7/14/2011 – VenomDarkness
– Haha, I was lagging kinda hard, plus mucking around. :B You are the first AD’er I find challenging.

9/24/2011 – LEONAMM_BR
– hey… you play very good

11/10/201 – davidgou
– gg…..i was screwed after u started running around with aero dash lol

11/25/2011 – spiderman302186

12/16/2011 – EcKoManTC86
– damn bro u kick ass wats ur secret

12/18/2011 – Kratos2858
– nice playing man 🙂

1/1/2012 – res1st-
– gg I usually play for Adam but ur a nice challenge, pretty solid style with NG.

1/15/2012 – liodarm
– Trophies: First time i saw someone with both dark and demon soul plat….i salute you!
2/10/2012 – thejohn78
damnn impressive..2 of the hardest games in the galaxy demon souls and dark souls 100 percent and some platium very impressed….
– *Note: Oh wait, that’s not Bioshock related! =E

2/3/2012 – harle_quinne
– this may sound creepy, but ifeel super honoured playing against you. lame, right?
– Oh my goodness! Your reply was so grammatically sound. Rare on the psn! See you online!

3/14/2012 – Octoshark19
– you are a bamf

7/29/2012 – VASHYRON1
– really enjoy playing with you 🙂

9/23/2012 – headsock1978
– it was an honor to be killed by u

9/25/2012 – SoundTheTrumpets
– u r awesome

Bipolar Fun
7/15/2011 – littlelak
– Leave
– Nice Lag Switch
– Hacker. We all know that you are to much of a pussy to actually kill anyone without it so please just leave before you keep on disgracing yourself noob. Seriously
you and your team arent even having lag except us so Leave Hacker
– <compares me to another “hacker” player>
– <clear up the misunderstanding>
– I hope we can… be mutal now and not hate on eachother even though you ng and gl and ad to much but thats beside the point. I assumed and I hope you except my apologies.
– If you ever need someone to join a match or two with you, you can ask me. Just shoot an invite my way. If not I will understand completely but, I hope you except my
friend request. 🙂
– *Note: <Accept, now wants to play on a team…all the time. Have a conversation explaining that I don’t, ever, accept Game Invitations (unless there’s a really, really good reason to). He doesn’t understand this sentiment. No idea why he would think someone doesn’t want to just play with friends, instead of just playing the hand they’re dealt. Deleted me as a “friend”. littlelak is a fine player though, don’t hold anything against him, just curious as to how “teaming” has become the norm. I’ll never understand it.>

8/20/2011 – Wateraja
*Note: Wateraja and I have sort of a…bipolar relationship??
– ^^
– ^^ HI!!
– Nice Nades…….i mean i totally diserved em
– -_-“Ur seriously about to make me spam.
Me: Your team certainly talks a lot for being a stacked team.
– … Not my team :/ trust me i understand Your pain….Going solo is wack.
– Yes and on top of that Massive ganging GG, you won for Your game play half these ppl team stack
tooo much ^^^^^^ GG
– I swear i dont understand the Nade spam fuk it ill start spamming 2
– Aye man stop Granading fuck you Already have 4 people Using it already
– You like using cheep tactics….. Nades? Do i ever Nade u
– GG Pure Nades -___-”
– GG God your annoying
– *Note: I get a lot of mail for using GL, but I honestly don’t use it that much compared to NG. That said, Wateraja is a very difficult opponent. And she clearly hates it, so I use it. =E

9/15/2011 – Rosy23ros
– B!tch
– GG :3

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
11/19/2011 – kgarcia82389
– Way to go dumbass! That’s how it’s done you fucking pussy! Hope you enjoyed getting slaughtered by me dumbass!

11/19/2011 – zelmonhulk
– take dat u fucken fagget

1/17/2012 – darksithantwan
– dude were boosting…
Me: Yes, and I’m killing you!
– thx 4 the help… u lil bitch.h…your moms a

3/3/2012 – CrazyDummy
– fuck you shit

4/23/2012 – XxZOMBIExKILL2
– fucking nigger

I’d kick your ass in real life!
11/19/2011 – zelmonhulk
– i wish i can play beside u so when u whip out dat sorry ass gl i can slap your jaw loose lol


9/30/2011 – cptvengryphon45
– noob shit faggot

11/6/2011 – kgarcia82389
11/19/2011 – kgarcia82389
– nOOb Wow you suck at this game. You had less than half as many kills as I had! PATHETIC!

7/13/2012 – abrilonga
– ?? hahaha little noobster -|-|

7/14/2012 – SweatyNuutSack
– dude i think your the most garbage rank 50 ive ever seen before.

8/12/2012 – nathan341_

9/25/2011 – LaCoSt3_Pt
– nice aimbot
– Me: I don’t cheat.
– sure sure

12/9/2011 – Wildweed
– haker >=[
– ur mean

1/17/2012 – MrNetorious
– Bitch stp cheatn

9/25/2011 – LEGIT_SYKO_CWB
– wow yours such a hacker your team scored 3 points not 7
– <Kindly explained that, while indeed the score said 7 and my teammates had 3 points, it is very easy to have people LEAVE THE GAME, thus the discrepancy>
– bs FK u

3/3/2012 – sayLEMTORZ_PRO
– can u hack
– if u can can u do me plz plz for free
– just saying can u

3/16/2012 – DarthBobby
– how r u killing so many people ?????
– if your hacking please tell me how so i can rank up to 40

8/18/2012 – minivik04
– stop cheating or ill report you

Oops! I got too defensive!
10/1/2011 – PhlyPinoy
– Don’t you get bored playing the same way for 1000+ hours?
– <Take offense to the comment…>
– Relax, I wasn’t trying to offend you, I was just asking if it ever got boring.
– <Sorry…it sounded like a troll comment.>
– It’s all good, I just ask everyone that I know the question. GG’s, I’ll see you later.
– Good games Ndolger! You are really fast at getting killstreaks. I’m not really a SOTF person though, sort of hate it. xP
– gg’s ndolger

2/12/2012 – spienta
– try playing with gay connection and not playing for a year
– <Wait…what?>
– u sound mad
– i didn’t suggest anything for u i just said i was bad for not having to play and having terrible connection
– <Sorry, I assume everything is a hate mail.>
– its ok lol u get hate mail cuz ur too good…

12/28/2011 – ArTz_FeAr_
– freak
Me: Is that a bad thing or a good thing?
– no compliment…
– <I assume there’s supposed to be a comma in there…?>

2/4/2012 – Juel1wolf
– outside now ):[]
– <Is this telling me to go outside? Or…is he going outside?? Beats me!>
– >:[] >:[]

2/6/2012 – Ndolgerr
– Friend Request

3/23/2012 – W3t_SpOng3s
– jerk
– <Wait…what? What did I do?>
– u kept taking the sister as i as about to i just wanna lvl up

4/11/2012 – jassaun14789
– bro i was playing bio b4 any 1 even knew you

6/9/2012 – xenomicon
– getting slack…you missed a lot of adam vials

On the way up / People don’t like cola (former #1)
1/26/2012 – DarknessFalsTA
– congratulations for your 2 position

2/6/2012 – I_Eat_Crayonz
– Yes!!!!! U Needa Show Him Whos Boss!

2/17/2012 – oNe_BuLLeT_LeFT-
– lol big daddy 4 nubs, i thought u were better than that
– u kill way to fast. be interesting to see u go up against cola, or brozzy or something
– never played cola, i would like to see u play that pinoy guy. i always get stuck with noobs again him. i want to see him get crushed especially in ctf

2/20/2012 – jp956g
– OMG your almost going to pass cola6969 you can do it man!!!
– i believe in you man pass that no good cola!!!

2/20/2012 – rxbandit000
– u wanna be the 1st

3/17/2012 – mister_VWP
– congrats most adam

3/17/2012 – v999enom
– Dude congrats with #1 XD

3/17/2012 – res1st-
– Do it 😀 that MF must #2 😛 He uses the suicide style he cant be #1 xD

3/17/2012 – Ghost-Sniper_14_
– Hey Congratulations man, you are number 1 in Bioshock you rules!

3/17/2012 – Gamerguy309
– hey gonna beat cola

3/18/2012 – GeattheSlayer
– congrats! #1 in bioshock 2!!!

3/18/2012 – cgEdwardthe4th
– congratulations on finally catching cola. the chase is over.

3/18/2012 – harle_quinne
– congratulations!

3/20/2012 – RimShot13
– congrats on your bioshock 2 rank

3/20/2012 – jp956g
– OOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG your number #1 WOOOOOW hope it burns cola’s bitch ass congratulations!! on being #1 of the WORLD in bio2

3/22/2012 – Ollydan
– congratulations mate on reaching number 1 on bioshock.

3/24/2012 – spienta
– congratulations 🙂

3/25/2012 – anton987654321
– u reached 1# in bio 2 congrats man

3/26/2012 – PeytonJessica
– How does it feel to be #1?
– <Exhausting.>
– Haha well I’m proud, cola6969 was a fag anyway. Lol Congrats ^_^

3/31/2012 – Rapture-704
– Numero uno!!!!!!
– I always thought you were the main guy who deserved that number one spot. You’re so agile. 🙂

4/3/2012 – tpl2272
– CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 Bioshock it’s yours 😀

4/22/2012 – Cranberry_Lord
– hello ndolger congrats for beating cola

Please be my Friend?
2/18/2012 – the_way_DOOM
-you re the 2 best of rank you re a legend please add me
– please
– hey u re the fist please add me
– please…its a honor know you

2/28/2012 – darkwolfx21
– why aerodashh??!
– electrcs better
– you still get blast
Me: Aero Dash counters EB.
– teach me then
– how do i use it
– leave the gam you to gud
– be my fren plasaee
– i luv how u use aero dash be my frenn
– hey how do U use aerodash, YOU

3/31/2012 – juniormoney123
– u r the best at the game can u except my friend request

6/3/2012 – jonthekoolkid
– pls can i play bioshock2 multiplayer with u

Ding Ding!
3/30/2012 – AA_vs_PMS
– <Isn’t your name from Big Bang Theory?? I just saw this episode on TV like an hour ago…>
– Yes, it is! You’re the first player to message me about it. I’m glad someone finally got it.

Quintessential Mail to Sum Up the PSN Experience
2/17/2012 – adan_toniko
– you mother it’s my wife .|.

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5 Responses to PSN Mail Fun!

  1. PhlyPinoy says:

    You have some funny and amusing hatemail. I still remember my question to you. I personally can’t stay playing just one way for 1500+ hours. And, I still hate survival with every fiber of my being.

  2. Ndolger says:

    Haha, you’re one of the good ones Phly, I’ve always enjoyed playing against you. You have a fun spirit about you where you’re generally just trying to grow as a player and try new things. You play the game for fun, something I try to do. I really do!

    I don’t team, don’t hate on people, don’t ragequit, etc. I may play the same “general way” for most of my matches, but it’s just never got boring for me. In my mind, it’s, “I could have done better”. I’m a perfectionist and to me, I’ve only played maybe 3-4 “perfect” games. That’s just something I always strive to do…get better with a specific subset of what the game can offer.

    Over time, I have tweaked little things with Tonics and Plasmids. That part of discovery is still fun for me. That said, I think that I’ve put together a loadout that can counter ANYTHING. And the fact that so few people, “play like me”, gives me a source of pride. If everyone and their brother played with my loadout, I would most definitely consider changing it. But, NG< ->AD users are waaayyy in the minority on this game. Until that happens, and it looks like the game is dying so I’m assuming not, I’ll continue to do as I have been.

    That’s not to say that I haven’t tried every loadout and combination, I have! My main goal is to the most efficient I can be…and win. NG, AD, WB, and *gasp* GL allow me to do that.

    I’m a very competitive person, so SotF is the main outlet where I can try to win by “my hand”. CTS is a second alternative, but it still relies heavily on teams and fair team balance. People may “spam” in SotF, but everyone gets to play by the same rules. I like that. I not only try to win, I try to “get the most points I can”. That alone makes the game never get boring. I’m sorry SotF isn’t your thing, but that’s OK!

    Hey, I thought you retired? =E

  3. -cola6969 says:

    Off course it gonna be easy to beat me now, I don’t play Bioshock 2 anymore :p

  4. spienta says:

    Wow you get some unique mail, looked at this and realized I couldn’t spell back then. But you are one heck of an outgoing player Ben.

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