Here are all the services that I use, that I’m happy to recommend:

eCommerce Services:

  • Amazon: Buy and sell anything and everything…almost.

Why would I recommend it?

  • A website you can go to for anything, shipped to your door within two days. Intuitive to use website, easy to use. What more could you ask for?


  • BigCrumbs: Get cash back for simply purchasing goods online…that’s it!

Why would I recommend it?

  • Are you kidding me? You simply buy stuff you would normally buy, and get a portion of it back to you…for free? Why wouldn’t you do this? All it takes is a valid PayPal account. You literally click a button. I recommend BigCrumbs over all others simply because if out, you will get a portion of the proceeds! You literally “own” a piece of the company every time you buy something. I’m in!
  • For more information on how affiliate links work, check out this post.


  • Virgin Mobile: One of the cheapest prepaid phone services (powered by Sprint)

Why would I recommend it?

  • Well, I’ve been a customer for almost ten years now and for the price, you can’t beat VM.
  • Unlimited data, unlimited texting, and variable minute plans starting from $35
  • Here’s a link that will give you $25 just for signing up!


Why would I recommend it?

  • Great website for buying digital codes for various services: Phone airtime, gaming credits, etc
  • Normally 10-15% off retail, sent through email immediately. That’s it!


Website Hosting / Domain Services:

  • DreamHost: Biggest name in providing services for everything to host and create a website
  • Use promo code NDOLGER for 1/2 off the price of one year’s hosting + FREE Domain Registration

Why would I recommend it?

  • I’ve been using DreamHost for my website hosting since 2010, and I honestly have had no complaints. It just works. There’s no downtime. No hidden fees. No bandwidth limits. No storage limits. Free email accounts. They offer a ton of “one-click” install services; including WordPress and MediaWiki.They have a bunch of premium services that are available too if you’re so inclined to check them out.
  • DreamHost is so cool, they even let me make a unique promo code for you! Enter the code NDOLGER when checking out. It gives you 1/2 off 1-year hosting + FREE Domain Registration. You been interested in making your own website? It couldn’t be simpler, and you’ll have a whole year to determine if you want to keep using it. What have you got to lose?

Website Monetization Services:

  • SkimLinks: Free service that allows you to make money from affiliate links

Why would I recommend it?

  • If you’re running your own website, you’d probably want to be able to make money off it, right? Sign-up for a free account, and SkimLinks will convert all outbound links from ecommerce sites to referral links. You then get a commission for anything someone buys from that link. That’s it… Really!

Video Game Trading Services:

  • GoozexTrade used games to others (not a mega-corporation) for points…to buy others’ games!

Why would I recommend it?

  • Are you a gamer? If you’re on my website, there’s a 64% chance that you are! Have old games, but don’t feel like selling them? Why not trade them?
  • Goozex is a game trading website that pays you with their closed-economy currency where you can then purchase other games or movies!
  • You’re not sending them to Goozex though. You’re sending them to other users. It’s a peer-to-peer trading network. Check out the website, visit the forums, and see if it makes sense for you!

Investment Services:

Why would I recommend it?

  • The online brokerage business is a pretty competitive arena. TDAmertirade offers pretty low trading rates, bonus signoff offers, and they are one of the biggest names in the business. They also have cool features like ThinkorSwim charting software (free) and upon tax time, they integrate with TurboTax and H&RBlock (they auto-import all transactions).
  • If you’re interested in starting to invest, this is a pretty solid choice. Just please, please…stay away from options investing. Trust me, I beg you…

Credit Card Services:

  • Discover: One of the most reputable credit card companies

Why would I recommend it?

  • Discover offers excellent cashback services (the only reason you should be using a credit card! DEBT = BAD). There’s a reason why many places don’t accept Discover cards…because the card-owner reaps a lot of the benefits!
  • Here’s a better reason: “Become a cardmember and get $50 Cashback Bonus with your first purchase within three months, and earn rewards on every purchase after that. You’ll also get amazing customer service and online tools that will make you a fan of Discover, too. Note: you must apply through your friend’s link  in order to be eligible for $50 Cashback Bonus offer.
  • Shoot me an email at ndolger AT, and I’ll be happy to give you a friendly link!