RingPlus Black Friday Free Plan Deal!


This is my Black Friday ’15 highlight so far. Sign up a phone plan under RingPlus for free* (*mostly).

OK, let me break down how you can get, as many lines as you want, FREE 4G enabled smartphones. I just activated two phones on RingPlus that have a monthly fee of $0: 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, 1.5 GB 4G data a month (one time overage coverage fee of $15). It’s the “Leonardo 2” plan and is only available for short time during Black Friday week.

I’m going to break it down on how this is done. Again, the point of this is the FREE plans. RingPlus offers some paid plans too, but…come on. Have you met me? Free trumps everything.

  • Step 1) Go buy a phone on Boost or Virgin Mobile (this is what I used…mainly because it was $20).
    • I suppose you could use an existing phone, but I think that’s more complicated, and I haven’t verified how to do this.
    • This thread has more details on phones that have been confirmed to work.
    • It is highly advised to NOT open or turn on the phone until you’ve activated it with RingPlus.
    • If you’re going to do this, you have to go find one in store, by the time the phone would ship online, the promo will be over.
  • Step 2) View this thread and sign up for Leonardo 2 Plan (1400 minutes, 1400 texts, 1.5 GB 4G data per month). The thread also has plenty of troubleshooting and other tips if you have questions.
    • Highlights: You have to create a RingPlus account first, link to Twitter/Facebook, and then you will be able to choose the plan here.
    • You have to record the IMEI / MEID / ESN and ICC ID during signup to register the phone with RingPlus. These values should be on the phone and / or on the bottom of the box (at least for Virgin Mobile).
    • There’s a $15 fee to cover overages. If you go over your monthly caps or want other services, they’ll draw from this pool.
  • Step 3) Turn on the phone and let it update.
  • Step 4) Configure phone as normal, port number if you would like to do that.
    • I’m debating whether to kill my grandfathered $25 Virgin Mobile Unlimited Everything plan (stuck on 3G though…) by porting my cell.
    • RingPlus has waived $7 phone number porting fee for this promo. I’d better decide soon.
  • Step 5) Enjoy your free* monthly phone service.
    • * Only thing I’ve noticed is that when you make calls, you’ll hear ads prior to call starting. Kind of annoying…but worth it.
    • Repeat steps above on another phone. I activated two phones.
      • Out of pocket cost: 2 x $22 Tribute 2 (after tax), 2 x $17 (after tax) initial start-up fee. < $80 to do this.
    • Do hacky things like root your phone. Not worth it to me…

This promo ends December 1st. It went active 11/27/15 at 3PM EST.

I’m pretty excited as this should save me a boat load of cash. 1.5 GB is more than enough data for me. 1400 minutes is a big step up from my existing 300 under Virgin Mobile. Love it!

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