Slowly but surely…I’m abandoning AT&T!

If you’ve been following my exploits, you might remember…I strongly dislike AT&T. How much? A lot. Quite a lot actually. If AT&T were a person, I’d call him a douchebag. A prick. A jerk. Just generally not a nice fellow. Why? Where do I start? I’m just going to throw out a bunch of words: liars, deception, unreliable, thieves, tricksters, annoying, frustration, expensive, punks, exhaustion. I have spent more time on the phone with AT&T than I have talked to many members of my family! They will do anything to nickel and dime you. They will say one thing and do another. I could write a book about how bad this company has been…

But I’m done complaining, I’ve officially dropped AT&T for my home phone. Somehow a $21 service ballooned to $38 after fees. $38 for a home phone! Absolutely crazy! And this is with NO FEATURES! I didn’t even have *69!

I’m in the process of also dropping them as my internet service, but that’s going to take some time as I’ve been using an email address with them for the last 13 years.

Some may say, “why do you even want a home phone”? Well, call me crazy, but I like redundancy. I like having a second option if God forbid…I lost my cell phone? My cell phone died? I don’t want to waste minutes? I think there are numerous benefits of having a home phone.

So what did I replace my old AT&T service with? VOIPO. What is VOIPO you ask? It’s one of many companies that are out there that provide voice over IP phone service. The most popular is Vonage. However, Vonage is not really that cheap of an option either! With VOIPO you can pay a monthly rate or you can pay an upfront fee to get a better monthly rate. I paid $185 for two years of service (all fees included) and get every possible calling feature you could ask for.

They allow you to transfer your current number as well, and provide you with a free physical adapter that you use to plug into your router. Setup took two minutes. The phone number transfer took two weeks. I don’t have any complaints so far!

If you’re interested in getting a new phone service and VOIPO sounds good to you, let me know and I can give you a referral code that will give you one month free!

I’m so happy to be saving about $30 / month by dumping the parasitic leech that is AT&T!

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