Welcome to the New Year!

I love music. I most especially love videogame music. It’s simple, it can loop infinitely, and it is the most varied genre of music out there. It can be 8-bit, it can be hard rock, it can be techno classical; truly, you can find anything that strikes your fancy if you look hard enough. Most of it is non-lyrical, so you can get whatever emotion you want out of it. I loves it! Whether you like videogame music or not, without music in general, life would be cold, empty, and boring. Can’t we all agree to that? I just happen to find this kind of music the most soothing. I hope to one day make my own. Ah, but enough about my dreams…

Every week I plan on posting a selection of my favorite videogame music. Today we have something that’s apropos for this time of year.  “Memories of the City” is a song that plays during the new year in PERSONA 3; one of the best RPGs of the last decade. Without spoiling anything, things don’t turn out that great at the turn of the calendar, and what we have here is a very melancholy song that gives you a slight glimmer of hope. Hey, isn’t that what New Year’s is all about?! The chance at having a great year, but in reality it will most likely end up sucking? I kid, I kid……sort of……just kidding! Not really.

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